So you’ve booked the venue, catering, and a DJ but now you’ve got to find someone to help capture all of your special moments. Here are some tips and information to keep in mind when choosing a wedding photographer.

wedding photographer

What do I look for in a wedding photographer?

There are several factors to consider here but one of the most important is the photographer’s portfolio. Every photographer has their own unique style so you’ve got to like what you see before you pay for it. If the photographer has been in the industry for a while, take a peek at their reviews and see what their clients have said about them. If possible, check out what kind of equipment they use (sometimes listed on their website). The use of cheaper equipment does not necessarily mean “bad photos” but it may tell you how serious a photographer takes their work, how “affordable” they are to their clients, and if they’ve been in the business for a while. Also, be sure to meet with the wedding photographer at least once in-person prior to your special day to get acquainted with their personality and style and to plan out the events of the day.

What do I ask the wedding photographer?

Aside from the obvious questions about pricing and prints, there are a few more things you can ask every wedding photographer. First, ask if they have a contract that outlines any cancellation policies and refunds (if applicable). Second, find out what their terms of use are for the photographs they provide you, ask if they shoot solo or bring a partner, see if an engagement shoot is included with their wedding packages, and check what other items or services are included or considered add-ons. Finally, ask the wedding photographer what their turnaround time is for providing the photos and how many they’ll provide (maximum).

How much is a wedding photographer?

There’s no set number that wedding photographers charge but because there is so much competition, consumers often use this to their advantage in pricing negotiations. However, there are those photographers who may be in such demand that they may not budge on price. You can expect to pay on average of $2,500 for a single-day session. Some may include additional services at no extra cost. Be sure to discuss the details with your wedding photographer. Your investment is important so be sure you choose a vendor within your budget and that meets your expectations.

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