Planning the perfect destination wedding can be extremely overwhelming but if executed properly can be the most rewarding and memorable experience of your life. Here’s what to consider…

destination wedding

How do I start planning a destination wedding?

The first thing you need to do is book a travel agent. Travel agents come with an abundance of information regarding destination wedding venues, pricing, best times to travel, and more. However, be careful on which travel agency you decide to use. Many small travel agencies are notorious for price gouging their clients so go with a large, reputable company like AAA Texas. Our personal experience with them has been nothing short of amazing.

Is a destination wedding cheaper than a local wedding?

This is a question we get all the time and there are several things to keep in mind. More often than not, the answer to this question is simply “no.” Depending on the venue you book with your travel agent, it could cost on average $1,300 per person (not including airfare). However, there are some positive things to consider here. For a one-time fee (per person), your travel agent can help you book longer stays at the destination venue of your choice (much cheaper than daily rates), group rates are available for guests who will be staying with you, and meals and entertainment are often times all-inclusive (included in the cost).

Destination wedding etiquette – who pays for what?

It’s often understood in the wedding “rule books” that the bride and groom are only responsible for covering costs associated with the ceremony and reception. This includes food, drinks, and entertainment. However, guests are often expected to pay for their own travel arrangements like airfare and hotel accommodations. Additionally, the bride and groom will usually be responsible for covering all travel expenses for any service contractors, like wedding photographers, unless it’s already included in their costs upfront. We recommend checking with your service vendors beforehand.

When do I send invitations for my destination wedding?

For most local and stateside weddings the average lead time for sending out invitations is anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks in advance of your special day. However, if you’re sending out invitations for a destination wedding, we highly recommend sending them out at least 3 months in advance. Within your invitation, list information such as your wedding website URL, update any travel information, include places where your guests can stay, rates for groups, and important maps and airport information. Also, never include registry information on your invitations but rather include that on your wedding website.

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